Saturday, 31 August 2019

Family Day Out to Fairhaven Lake, St Annes, Lancashire

Family Day Out to Fairhaven Lake, St Annes, Lancashire

I took the kids for a day out at Fairhaven Lake in Lythm St Annes.

There's a fabulous play park. 

With a big pirate ship climbing frame and slide.

As well as a little one for toddlers.

And a sandpit.

Swings of course.

We went for a walk around the lake.

And had a look at a model spitfire.

We said hello to the ducks.

And did some colouring at the RSPB Discovery centre.

We also went for a boat trip.

And got very, very wet!!

Of course the sun came out as we left.

Family Day Out to Fairhaven Lake, St Annes, Lancashire

It was a lovely day out and we'll definitely be going back next time we're in the area.

Family Day Out to Fairhaven Lake, St Annes, Lancashire

Friday, 30 August 2019

Max and Meena Mickey Mouse Rompaloones Sewing Project

This Rompaloones pattern form Max and Meena has become my favourite stretch romper sewing pattern.  It's my go to new baby gift too but today I'm making it for my 18 month old Little Pickle.  

Tools and Materials:

I bought this gorgeous stretch cotton Lycra Mickey Mouse fabric and was struggling to find a matching contrast until a very kind friend gave me an entire bolt of this grey stretchy fabric.  It's pretty thin and not pleasant to work with (which is why she gave it to me in the first place!) but when it's sewn up a treat.

Apologies for this terrible photography.  I've yet to set up an area for taking in progress photos in the evenings.

A lot of people struggle with the bum circle.  I place my romper right side down and place the bum circle in the hole.  Then I pinch up the two pieces of fabric so they are right sides together and pin.

A line if top stitching secures it and looks oh so neat.

The shoulder seams are super straightforward.

Then the sleeves.

I like how this pattern has the sleeve and side seams in one continuous line.  It's easier to sew than doing the side seam then setting in the sleeves and I think it looks neater when finished.

The hood and lining come next.

Then the lining goes inside the hood.

I often struggle with the hood positioning but this one has come out quite nicely.

The snap strips can be a bind, I take my time with them.

And use oh so many pins!

I can't remember if the pattern says to or not, but I always sew a line of top stitching on my snap strips.

I sew my bands with a straight stitch so they're a little neater than with a stretch stitch.

Then I press them in half.

And sew them in place.

And here's the finished result.  Little Pickle doesn't stand still at the moment so here are some blurry action shots. 

And what about those eyes!!  He's going to be trouble when he's older.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

How to Make a Hawthorn Wreath

I've made some simple hawthorn wreaths to decorate my home for autumn.

Tools and Materials:

I cut a few lengths of florists wire a few inches long.

And used them to tie my hawthorn branches to the wreath base.

I tied on more branches following around the wreath base.

Until it was all covered with hawthorn.

Then I did the same on the outer wire.

This is the final result.