Friday, 10 August 2018

Vest Extenders for Cloth Bums - Sewing Project

Modern baby clothes are no longer made with cloth bums in mind so it's very common for a cloth bummed baby to grow out of their vests in the nappy area long before the torso even fits them.  Vest extenders are the answer, basically just a strip of fabric with poppers at either end to extend the length of the vest.

However, not all poppers are created equal, in fact haberdashery snap fasteners are a totally different size to those used on commercial baby clothes.  The best solution is to use old vests to make new vest extenders.  

I started with a pile of worn baby vests and my tools:

I've cut off the bottom 5.5 inches of the vest.

Then cut a 3.5 inch strip with the snap fasteners in the centre.

And the same for the other side of the vest.

Put the two sides right sides together - the back of the poppers facing upwards.

Fold back the raw edge until it is even with the raw edges on the sides.

Sew along both sides.

Turn and press.

Then top stitch the folded edge in place.

And done.

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  1. What an interesting (and resourceful) project!

  2. Good for you, to make a solution! Happy Maternity Leave!

  3. Great idea. I had considered doing something similar but thought it might result in leg holes that were too big. Do you find that they fit fine?