Saturday, 2 December 2017

Lined Christmas Stocking Mini Gift Bags

I started by finding and printing a Christmas Stocking outline.  I set my printer to A5 to make the pattern a little smaller than the original.  I cut out my paper pattern and stuck the two parts together with sticky tape.

Here it is pinned onto my fabric and again onto my lining fabric.  I cut two pieces from each fabric.

Both parts were pinned right sides together.  

And sewn together, leaving the tops of both open.

I then turned the lining the right side out.

And pushed it inside the fabric.  I pinned the top, matching the side seams and making sure that the bulk of the lining was well out of the way.  

And stitched, leaving a gap for turning.  

Here the hot mess it looks during turning.

But it turns out OK.  

After a good press.

The top is top stitched to seal up that gap and make it neat.  You could hand sew the gap closed but machine top stitching is much quicker.  

And here's my finished gift bags with a little bow stitched onto the front.  

I made some cookies to fill them with as little gifts for neighbours, teachers etc.