Monday, 19 September 2016

Plum Crumble Recipe

I have some over ripe plums and a bit of motivation - the previous lack of which has led to over ripening of said plums.

Crumble seems inspiring so here goes:

Chop up the plums and sling them in a pan with some butter and sugar.  Add a little mixed spice.  Cook until the butter has melted and the fruit has softened.

Mix 75g butter with 175g plain flour.  Add 50g sugar and mix until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. 

Pour the fruit into an over dish.  Don't forget to lick the spoon and the pan . . .  Spoon the topping over the fruit.

That's gonna get 40 minutes at 180C.   So I'll sling it in the oven straight after dinners dished up.

Salmon Potato Bake

Salmon and new potatoes for dinner tonight.  The spuds need eating and I'm fancying the salmon that I noticed hiding at the back of the freezer.

But every recipe I can find includes cream or creme fresh, neither of which I have.  I'm sure I can knock up a tasty creamy sauce without a trip to the shops so here goes . . .

Slice and boil them spuds.  My potato bakes are usually burnt on top and clap cold underneath so ill give par boiling a try today.

Chop the onion.  I've also got a head start on chopping the rest of the veggies aka whatever was in the fridge.

Fry the onion in oil.

Chop the veggies and sling them in with the onion.

Chop the salmon into cubes.  I used frozen salmon straight from the freezer so i had to defrost it in the microwave for a couple of minutes first.  Turn off the heat and add the salmon to the veggies.  Add a big old dollop of wholegrain mustard. 

Sprinkle with cornflour and give it a good mix.

Chuck it in a roasting dish.  Please excuse my old roasting dish, he's looking forward to retirement.
Drain the spuds and sling them on top.

Pour some milk over the whole thing - just enough to make a puddle under the veggies.  I guess I'm going shopping anyway - that was last of the milk.

Grate some cheese over the top. 

I'll stuff that in the fridge until it's wanted.  I'm thinking about 20 - 30 minutes at 180C.  

It actually took 45 minutes and the spuds could have done with more boiling.   But hubster's happy, after he added extra cheese.  Mini munch seems to agree.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Cerise Baby's Tshirt with Poppers

Baby needs new T shirt but I don't actually own a straightforward T shirt pattern. 

I have some with overlapping back and front which I'm not a fan of.   I can see the advantage if you need to take a dirty top off downwards but my little one has never had such a bad poo-explosion that I've even been tempted to try it. 

I find the extra bits of fabric fiddly whilst sewing meaning I'm Inclined to stretch them.  Then they just look unsightly and baggy.  

Now that my little titch is leaving babyhood behind I think she looks adorable in "normal" clothes. 

So I've had a do at adapting this vest pattern as it's the only one I have with a shoulder opening and hubby will kill me it I buy yet another sewing pattern!

Pattern: Simplicity 2291
Fabric: an old ladies T shirt
Size: Medium

I cut off the bottom "vest" part of the pattern.  But I think I've cut it too short.  It should really have been level with the top of the leg part of the vest. 

Oh I shortened the sleeves too simply because I didn't have enough fabric for long sleeves.
I've learnt I can get a short sleeved baby T shirt out of a short sleeved ladies T shirt or a long sleeved baby T shirt from a long sleeved ladies.

I found it weird that there are poppers on both shoulders - surely one would be sufficient??

I found it to be crucial to get the neck band seam even!!  This wobbly seam is mostly down to my machine suddenly deciding to change to a zig zag stitch mid way through the seam!!!! 

All in all a nice easy sew despite both my sewing machine and over-locker playing up!!

I'll have another crack at it with a long sleeved T shirt next time.

This would also look cute with a contrasting neck band.  And what about finishing the bottom hem and sleeves in the same way?

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Baby Blue Stripey Stretch Pants

MCalls 3665
Size medium
Fabric from stash
Four pattern pieces.
It is not possible to get these out of a size 8 ladies fitted tshirt - NOT AT ALL!!  I spent the majority of my sewing morning coming to this conclusion.
Try a gents tshirt next time!
Do not repeat do not decide to be smart and top stitch the cuffs.  It's made them frilly. 
All in all, easy peasy simple comfy pants.

Blue Mini Floral Print Romper

Butterick 5624
Size Medium
Fabric from stash

Little Birdies Summer Baby Dress

Simplicity 1447
Size medium
Fabric from stash
Note to self - in future check which way up the pattern will be and thus avoid upside down birdies!!

Tartan Romper

Butterwick 5624
Size medium

Tartan Dress

Butterick 5624
Size medium

Summer Dress

Butterick 5624
Sewn from an old fat quarter

Little Red Cardie

King Cole Aran book 2
Knitted in size 6 - 12 months

Purple Baby TShirt

MCalls 8574
In organic cotton
Size medium

Little Vintage Dress Coat

King Cole Aran Book 2
Knitted in Robin Aran.
Size 1 - 2 years.