Thursday, 30 May 2013

Christmas Star

I'm not normally a fan of shaped cards, mine never seem to look right.  As per usual this one wouldn't come together nicely, the first attempted went into the recycling bin!  But I persevered and eventually I found a layout I liked.

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Christmas Tree from Stash

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ABC Christmas Challenge K is for Kept Safe - Both the papers and the Christmas tree have been in my stash for ages.  I was stuck for inspiration with the tree.
Southern Girls Challenge #70 Tic Tac Toe - Ribbon, Stars and Spots

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Daisy and Dandelion Decoupage

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Daisy and Dandelion Designer Decoupage

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Take a Picture

Yipppeee!!!  I have windows, actual windows with locks and vents and glass and everything!  No more drafty, damp wooden frames and broken glass.  The builders have chosen a lovely leaf pattern for the bathroom window too.  

It's been a nice quiet day today so I've been getting on with my card making.  This is my first attempt at sepia coloring.  I'm reasonably pleased with it, it was actually quite nice to work with a limited color palette for a change.

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Pearls included with Carousel

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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Graduate Wellington

I love, love, love Wellignton Bear!  He;'s so wonderfully easy to color and he goes with everything.  It would have been so cute if I'd had a graduate hat to add on to his head, but hey such are the limits of our stash.

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Boofle Buttons

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Apologies for the over exposed photos today, OH always whines about the weight of my craft stash when we take it away with us so I'm travelling light and neglected to pack my light box or easel.  That shouldn't have been a problem but the sun is so gloriously bright my pictures are a little too bright.  But hey, I really have no business complaining about the weather today!

I have an addition to my earlier anti-rant, there is now a baby learning to walk on that same area the teenagers were using earlier.  It's so great to see young kiddies enjoying the extra space and freedom they get when camping.  I'm a huge fan of simple toys and simple pleasures that make kids faces light up just the same as they did generations ago - note to self must find a yo-yo for my niece, she was trying to use her swimming goggles as one last time I took her swimming!  

Also, I'm so grateful to have a techie fellah who always brings a brilliant mobile internet connection so I can catch up with my challenges over the weekend.  Bless 'im!  He's currently obsessed with upgrading his motorbike ready for his annual biking trip round Scotland.  It got through it's MOT so now that's all he'll talk about until after he gets back.  Ah summer's here at last!

Oh I should also explain for those of you visiting from over the pond, in the UK we have Remembrance Day instead of Memorial Day and it's also known as Poppy Day because this lovely flower bloomed across the worst of the battlefields.  I think it's lovely that such a pretty flower has become a symbol of remembrance throughout the UK, it's such a positive and yet respectful way of expressing thanks and honoring the sacrifices others have made for our freedom.  I found myself particularly remembering both of my grandfathers when I made this card.  They both fought in very different ways and carried very different memories which they dealt with in very different ways.  I remember them both very fondly and both with the same measure of pride and gratitude.   The simple "Thank You" greeting is from my heart to both of them - 'brushes a little tear'.

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Pearls included with Carousel

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Glittery Bluebells

What a glorious day!  I hope you're enjoying it where ever you are and whatever you're doing.

I have a little anti-rant.  Whilst I was making this card sat in my caravan awning with the side down to let in the glorious sunshine I've had a view of a large group of teenagers playing volley ball.  "Teenagers Today" get so much bad press and whilst I know that it's just the minority giving the majority a bad name, it occurs to me that the overlooked majority don't tend to be appreciated when they do credit to their generation.  Just a little thing that made me smile today.

And the card I was making, I'm proper chuffed with this one, another My Minds Eye Antique Floral card, still lovin' that paper pad!   And my lace which I put off buying for ages, so glad I did.

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Hot Diggity Dog Greeting Tags
Butterfly Charm from Stash

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Friday, 24 May 2013

Balloon Girl

Happy Bank Holiday Friday!!!  

I'm rushing round like a blue bummed fly trying to get everything done so I can get off and enjoy the long weekend.  Just challenges left and I think I'm going to have make OH a very unhappy bunny by loading all my stash (all 40 kg of it!) into the back of his poor car along with the 1.2 ton caravan.  One of these days he will actually get round to wiring up my tow bar then he can stop winging about the weight of my holiday stash.  

Uploading challenges with a mobile internet connection is going to be fun but at least I get to use my new laptop bag - free with a big packaging order - bargain!

Right, my last card with a proper internet connection and here it is:

Products Used:
Hot Diggity Dog Greeting Tags
Me To You (I think they are) Ribbon
Card Candi from Stash

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Phew, busy busy day!  The new K&Co Smash products have finally arrived along with hundreds of other back and pre-orders.  I got a bit carried away in my attempts to get them faster and we have lots of left over Smash products which means one of them will be disappearing into my stash . . .  just which one to choose . . . !!?!?!?!? :) :) :)

I've taken some pictures of the randomness that it my flat and office at the moment.  The contents of the skip that's arriving tomorrow are currently in my living room.  The new windows are taking shape and they look fabulous!  My bedroom is crammed full of bathroom furniture and the new bathroom suite.  The bath itself is still sat in my office.  It's just the sort of un-presentable memories that belong in my new Smash book.  I've already got one on the go for all my jots and notes of ideas, color schemes, floor plans and stuff I want to buy.

Anyways onto today's card.  I'm still madly in love with this Strictly Party range.  It's just so me!

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Pearls included with Carousel
Rubbon included with Carousel
Hearts from Stash

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Crafty Catz 3-2-13 Flowers, 2 Ribbon / Lace, 1 Image

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Monday, 20 May 2013

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

First disaster of the day, my builder has hurt her back so she won't be lugging my new bath up the scaffolding today.  I'm going to have great FUN getting it into the office and working round it.  I still can't wait to see it!!

All fun and games!  But hey it will all be worth it when it's finished!

I'm sad to say that this is the last of my Home For Christmas Papers :( They'll be sorely missed as I've really enjoyed working with this range.  I've had a sneaky peak at the new ranges from Papermania due in July and the new Christmas in the Country range is quite similar, folksy, country inspired motifs in muted red and greens that will look fantastic with Kraft card.  The new ranges will be appearing on the website from the end of May for dispatch by the 1st July.

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Pearls included with Carousel
Jingle Bells from Stash

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Little Rascal

I now have a stunning set of loft curtains.  I need to take the curtain pole back before I can fit the second one, I went to fit it and the fixings had fallen out of the packaging in the shop - grrr.  I'll be blogging the first one shortly.  

And I finally got the curtain tie backs for the bedroom done, hooks in the walls for them and everything.  I usually wait for my dad or my fellah to pop round and ask them to drill holes for me because I make a mess unless I can get my shoulder behind the drill to keep it steady.  But these were nice and low down so I did it myself, a neat job too - go me!  I've just got the finish hand sewing the D rings onto the tie backs but that's a nice job I can do in front of the telly so I've left it for when I'm feeling lazy.  

I even got so motivated I did some more on a ridiculous patchwork project I started years ago.  It's made of teeny tiny squares and triangles.  I'm making a door curtain that will separate the office and the door to my little flat.  The dog can push the curtain aside easily when she want's to go upstairs but it will keep the heat in the office during the winter.  I also want to make a big deal out of that doorway, it separates the work and home parts of my life.  It's one of the disadvantages of working and living in the same building, you never really leave work and go home, physically but more in terms of mindset.  A physical dividing line can help with that, at least that's the theory!

Today will be a paper crafting and office based day.  Lots of little bitty jobs to get ahead of for the busy week.  New K&Co Smash products should be here on Monday, they were supposed to be here on Thursday, Friday at the latest!  Grrrr!  But all I can do is clear as many other jobs as possible out of the way and get them packed and posted the moment they eventually do arrive.  

I'm also going to take the plunge - literally - and get the bath cleared out of building rubble so I can get a proper wash.  Going round to OH's for a shower is getting to be a pain.  It's silly, I have a bath quite rarely during the warmer months but as soon as I couldn't use mine, I wanted one.  I can't wait for the lovely big new one to get fitted.  Candles, smellies oh heaven!  I can see me standing there with my towel waiting for the plaster to go so I can have a dip!

Enough babble, onto today's card.  Isn't he a cutie!  I always do jeans too dark but I restrained myself and left quite a big pale area, looks so much better I think.  I'm very much enjoying watching my work improve with time and practice.  

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Pearls and Ribbons included with Carousel
Tag Brads from Stash
Happy Birthday Peel Off From Stash

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Friday, 17 May 2013

Distressed Sunflowers

After years of saving and planning, I'm finally renovating!  The builders are in, the walls are out, my old bath of filled with bricks and mortar and my new bath arrives on Monday!  The new bathroom furniture is cluttering up my bedroom and the new bath will probably have get stored on my bed for a while.  

All chaos, mess and disruption but I'm still over the moon to be finally making real progress.  It's motivated me to get a few bits of other rooms finally finished too, that and OH is off climbing another mountain then fixing his motorbike this weekend.  

So a day with the sewing machine for me tomorrow!

A super quite card tonight.  The distressing element kind of evolved but I'm liking it.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Purple and Lime Girlie

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Christmas Fairy

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Paper Pack - At Christmas Time
Vellum - At Christmas Time
Brads included with Carousel
Sheer Ribbon 15mm

Baubles from Stash
Fluffy Brads from Stash

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Crafts 4 Eternity #123 - Tic Tac Toe - Bling, Scraps and Ribbon