Tuesday, 19 July 2011

XCut Nesting Dies Back In Stock

The UPS delivery driver has just made me jump out of my skin!  He had a lovely big box full of XCut Nesting dies for us!!!

We've all seen the gorgeous cards made with the "Nesties" nesting dies.  We've all drooled over them.  Perhaps even had a good luck at the dies in the shops - along with more drooling!  And then seen the price tag . . . and promptly added them to our "when I win the lottery" wish list. 

XCut have seen our pain!  They have produced a large range of nesting dies at . . .  wait for it . . . less than a tenner!!!  Santa has come early to the crafting world!

But what about the quality? - I hear you cry.  Well it's such a hard part of my job, so tedious and boring . .  . but I've forced myself to test them . . . ah the things I have to do in the name of craft.  I have two words for you - SPOT ON!!  They are never going to cut through chip board and if you want to make thousands to sell on eBay you will be best sticking to thicker dies.  But for the vast majority of uses they are absolutely perfect.  I've been getting clean cuts every time with both paper and thick card stock.  I've tested them with a Cuttlebug and a Big Shot - both make perfect cuts. 

My cards have taken on a whole new dimension since adding these dies to my stash.  No longer are us budget crafters condemned to boring toppers. 

Do get them while you can, I do not expect these stocks to last for long!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Dishcloth Knickers!

This is a really cute gift idea that a dear friend gave me as a house moving present.

They are made using dishcloth cotton as it's cheap and cheerful but there's no reason you couldn't use a better quality of cotton yarn, like Patons 100% cotton.

CO 38 st

Rows 1 - 4 Garter Stitch

Row 5 - K4 (P2 K1) x 10, K4
Row 6 - K4 (K1 P2) x 10 K4
Row 7 - Knit
Row 8 - K4, P30, K4

Repeat rows 5 - 8 until you are happy with the length.  The pair in the photo are roughly square.

Garter stitch the last four rows and cast off.

Make 2

Fold each dishcloth in half lengthways and place them side by side so that the edges meet.  Weave a ribbon through the top of them both tieing a bow in the centre.  Weave ribbon around the bottom of each "leg" and tie.  Use a little leftover yarn to attatch the two cloths together in the middle with a little bow.

There is a poem to go with these:

Now don't get excited,
Don't be misled,
These aren't for you,
But for the dishes instead.

Just pull on the bows,
Take out the stitches,
You've gained 2 dishcloths,
Instead of your britches!