Sunday, 7 May 2017

Towneley Hall Fun Fair and Play Ground

I spent most of the bank holiday weekend in bed with the flu - grrr!  I hate being ill when the weather is nice and I'd much rather be out working in the garden or doing something nice.  

Thankfully I felt much better on the Sunday and we made a little trip to a Fun Fair being held at Towneley Hall.  

We took a little picnic along.  

The fair itself was pretty rubbish to be honest, Little Miss enjoyed watching some of the rides go round but she was too young for most of them of course.   I was expecting a few stalls and the like that we could have a potter round, but it was just a few fairground rides and nothing else.  

So we went for a walk around the grounds and of course the playground area.  

Little Miss was too young to be interested last time we visited so I'd completely forgotten that Towneley Hall's playground features an ingenious giant sand pit with play machinery and water spouts.  

My little girl had an amazing time moving the sand around and playing in the water.  I love this type of toy because it gives so much scope for learning and imagination.  It also kept Little Miss occupied for a good hour - while I reminded myself that clothes are made to be washed.  Sods Law (which ALWAYS applies where my daughter is concerned) this was a brand new outfit.  

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