Thursday, 20 April 2017

Fish Pie with or without Cauliflower Recipe

We love a good flavoursome fish pie.  I usually use Jamie Oliver's recipe with the peas mashed into the potato topping.  But today i'm trying something a bit different.  

I'm not a fan of cauliflower cheese - my mother made the absolute worst white sauce you can possibly imagine and it's put me off any white sauce based recipe for the rest of my life!  But hubster likes it and Little Miss loves cheese so we'll have a little try to see if she'll eat cauliflowers this way. 

This recipe uses cauliflower as the pie topping instead of traditional potatoes.   

It's loosely based on this recipe from the latest Tesco magazine.  

The peas are blanched.  

Fish chopped into bite sized pieces.  

The white fish, prawns and peas are put in the base of the oven dish.  I'm making small pies, just enough for two adults and one Little Miss.  I'll make about half a dozen and put the other 5 in the freezer for another day.  

The cauliflower is chopped and boiled.

Then popped on top of the fish.

Cornflour and milk are mixed to make a sauce.

Creme fraiche and Dijon Mustard are added and mixed well.

The sauce is poured over the cauliflowers.  

And the top sprinkled with cheese.  

To be perfectly honest I didn't have enough cauliflower to top all 6 pies.  One cauliflower actually only topped two of these tiny pies.  

I improvised with the other four, peeled and boiled some spuds to make mashed potato.  

I put some of the sauce straight on top of the fish as it won't seep through the mash as well as the cauliflowers. 

Then I spooned the mash over the fish - I can't pipe to save my life - seriously I can't even pipe icing!  Then I spread to with a fork and made little ridges so some bits get nice and crispy.  

Topped with cheese of course.  

Here it is after 40 minutes at 180 oC.

Served with a tin of baked beans.

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