Thursday, 23 March 2017

Spicy Chicken Soup

This has quickly become a firm favourite.  Veg avoiding Little Miss wolfs it down every time.  Even though winter is drawing to an end and I'm getting bored of soups I've still made another batch because it's so scrummy, I'm a long way from being sick of this particular soup.  It will also make expic pasta sauce for hubsters lunches.  

I start by chopping the onions.  

And fry them in a little oil.

Into the slow cooker they go along with the spices, stock and peanut butter.  

Chillies next.  

Into the slow cooker.  

Add the chicken fillets whole.  


Chop the ginger finely.

Add that too.  

Finely chop the sweet potatoes.

Add them too.  

And mix it up.  Leave it cooking for the day on low.  

Then remove the cooked chicken pieces with tongs.

And pull it apart with a pair of forks.

Blitz the rest of the soup in a blender - if you want soup that it, you could leave it chunky if you prefer, Little Miss likes her soup smooth so I don't get much choice.

Then add the chicken back into the mixture.  

I like it nice and thick, served with a crusty roll.  

Little Miss doesn't just wolf down her own portion, she then licks out my bowl.  

Veggie striking toddler = 0
Mummy Skills = 1

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