Saturday, 21 January 2017

Patchwork Baby Cot Quilt

A simple nine patch square or irish chain baby quilt.  

I cut long strips of plain brown and patterned fabric the width of my little squares plus seam allowance and as long as the fabric allowed.  They were sewn together into long strips of plain brown, patterned and plain brown.  Another batch the same and a third batch with plain brown in the middle.  Then cut to the right width (square width plus seam allowance).  And finally each block of three was sewn together to make a nine patch square.  

Each nine patch square was sewn to a piece of patterned fabric the same size.  And all sewn together to make the quilt.  

I edges the quilt in some brown cotton I had.  It's backed in plain brown fabric, quilted and bound with satin bias tape.  

It's a very useful dust cover and leaves my daughter's nursery looking lovely and co-ordinated.  

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