Saturday, 17 December 2016

Recycled Bath Mat Made into a Cushion

I'm a very lucky girl in that I inherited a HUGE fabric stash from my mother and grandmother.  I very rarely have to buy fabric but I've recently come to the realisation that this fabric stash is finite.  

I've recently moved my sewing studio from a very generously sized loft conversion to erm, well, a corner of the master bedroom :(  I have a few IKEA Expedit units to cram all of my fabric into and I need to reduce the bulk so that it will actually fit into the space I have.  

Considering this has made me realise that one day my fabric stash will be reduced . . . panic has set in and I am currently going through a phase of hanging onto to every scrap of fabric for dear life!!  

Logically I realise I don't have room to store it all so I'm endeavouring to put them to use around the house.  Effectively storing that fabric for the future without it taking up space in my fabric stash.  

This is my protest against getting rid of the old bath mat.  There's nothing wrong with it but the mat I had at the office is nicer so that's the one we're keeping.  

I also had a n old pillow which is now surplus to requirements.  It has occurred to me that pillows are filled with stuffing, just the same as I'll eventually need to buy to stuff the army of teddies and rag dolls I hope will be demanded of me.

Putting my old rocking chair in the nursery was my solution to avoid getting rid of it.  Because of course I'd need a nursing chair (lol - no I did not, with hind sight the very concept of sitting in the nursery alone for hours on end is ridiculous, the living room sofa serves far better).

Little Miss is currently enjoying being read to sleep which I love.  But this rocking chair, whilst great for sitting and knitting is not the most comfortable for curling up with a baby and a book.  So a lovely big chunky cushion was in order.

The old bath mat was the right colour and I quite like the texture.

I didn't even cut it, just sewed the two ends together to make a loop then flattened it out and sewed one side closed.  I sewed a little way into the centre of the other side both top and bottom and turned it right side out.  Shoved a pillow in and done.

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