Saturday, 10 December 2016

New Goodies from Minerva Crafts!!

I might have been shopping . . .

Little Miss is on her last size of baby clothes so it's time for some new patterns in toddler sizes.  Minerva Crafts are doing a half price sale on Burda patterns at the moment so how could I resist.

Here's my little haul that's just arrived today.

I'm a thrifty thing so even at 50% off I still spent about 2 days (worth of free time) choosing my patterns.

I love, love, love dressing my little one in denim dungarees and jeans.  She looks so adorably cute!  Although I do think it has more to do with the fact that I wear denim an awful lot myself, it's hard wearing, hides the dirt and it's comfy.  So I picked out this dungarees pattern which includes a cute little dress too.  I'm picturing these in denim, corduroy or lightweight cotton quilting fabrics for summer.

I did consider getting this one instead because it also includes a pair of jeans, but I'd fallen in love with that cute little pinafore style dress.  In the end I opted to get both, as they're both the same brand there probably won't be much difference between the two dungarees patterns but I've told myself it's worth it for the pinafore dress as well as the jeans and the hooded jacket and sweater won't go amiss.  I've a little fleece kicking round and a huge pile of old jeans.  

Speaking of which I've discovered that it's only possible to get a baby pair of jeans from an old adults pair if the pattern is in four main pieces (front and back for each leg) as a pose to two (one for each leg).  Thanks tot he image of the back of the pattern pack I could see this one is a four piece - perfect!  

Now onto tops and I was torn again.  I've a big pile of old worn out baby grows (my little one is teeny tiny so she wears clothes long enough to actually wear them out - how's that for born thrifty!?!).  Most of them them feature some very fetching food stains so aren't fit for the charity shop, but the backs are fine for the most part.  I'm hoping there's enough fabric in them to make some new t-shirts,  Seen as they'll be made from several different babygrows it seems to me that a raglan style T-shirt will make the best use of my stash.  Plus I love a raglan.  So how could I not get this raglan T-short pattern.  A pair of joggers too, happy days.  But no long sleeved version.  I'm sure I could make a sleeve pattern using the hoodie pattern that's included.  

But then I saw this . . . I love how adorably cute this style of T-shirt is, a short sleeved shirt over a long sleeve.  I'm not actually sure how it's done.  The pattern also suggest making the shirt in different colours of fabric so this should also be a good style for stash busting that pile of baby grows.  So again I bought both - they're half price right so i might as well . . . . 

This is a terrible trend . . . I did the same thing with a dress pattern.  A nice, simple casual dress.  Something I can make in a heavy fabric for winter or a lighter cotton for summer.  This one comes with a part of pants too which will come in handy.  I'm happy with just jeans and joggers but a light pair of cotton pants will be a nice addition for summer.

But how could I resist this one too!!??  I think peter pan collars look so adorable!!  And every little girl needs a party dress.  It's ridiculously frivolous because my mother in law buys my daughter an endless supply of pretty party dresses which for the most part languish in her wardrobe unworn.  To me they seem cumbersome on a pre-walker and I want my daughter to have fun exploring the world without me worrying about her ruining a nice outfit.  But it's so cute!!  Wow, I actually spent money on something that's impractical and unnecessary purely because I think it's cute, what is the world coming to?

This was the one pattern I bought in just one version of what I was looking for.  I did consider buying both a babygrow style pyjama pattern and these more grown up pyjamas.  I think it was probably the fact that my favourites of both were Kwik Sew patterns which are on sale but they are also much more expensive than the Burda patterns.  By much more expensive I do mean and extra £1.60!!  But still it was enough to force me to choose between them.  So I went with the more grown up style of pyjamas.  I'm not a fan of shorts and short sleeves for sleep wear on myself but little 'un takes after her dad in this respect and would be happy sleeping in a freezer so the summer version will probably get more use.

So there we go, what I'm hoping will be a complete toddler wardrobe to take us from 12 months size through to about 4 years.  Given my little 'un is currently 16 months and just grown into 9-12 month clothes these patterns should do her until she's halfway through primary school!

I'll be having a closer look at each pattern after I've finished making the last of the baby clothes we need.

I'm going to try and resist buying any more patterns until she can choose her own . . . I do not expect to be successful in this . . . not one bit . . .

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