Saturday, 24 December 2016

More T-Shirts Simplicity 2291 from Old Adults T-Shirts

I had a little (OK big) clear out of my wardrobe in an attempt to create some storage space for my new makeshift sewing space - but more on that later.  For some unknown reason most of my T-Shirts featured tiny little holes on the bottom front edge.

Hubby's theory is they were catching on my belt.  I've changed my belt and they still appear.  I reckon it's cheap T-Shirts.  So anyways most of them went in the bin, or at least put in a pile to bin but I couldn't bear to waste that much fabric.  At the time I was running short of jersey cotton for baby clothes and here was a pile of it headed for the bin.  So it get sent to the rag bag instead.

I had a root through it one day and cut out a big pile of baby T-Shirts.  I made them up in a couple of batches according to the thread colour I was using.  I got pretty speedy by the end.  I'm pretty darn chuffed with my efforts.

This one was made from a vest top which really didn't have enough fabric in it.  So it got a contrasting neckline.  I think it's actually one of my favourites.  Next time I do a batch of T-Shirts I think I'll include more in mixed colours like this.

Here's the pattern I've used, Simplicity 2291.  I used the vest pattern but cut off the bottom part of the pattern and hemmed it instead to make a T-Shirt even though I don't actually own a T-Shirt pattern.  I have also omitted one of the shoulder fasteners and shortened the neckband to compensate for this.

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