Thursday, 1 December 2016

Slow Cooker Italian Pork Stew with Summer Herbs

I fancied something nice and easy this week, hearty and flavoursome for these chilly evenings.  I flicked through hubby's copy of I Love My Slow Cooker and came across this one.

Here's my ingredients gathered together.  I appear to be completely out of dried mint, I'm not sure how that happened.  So I'm going to butcher my rather pathetic little mint plant.  The fact that my mint plant is struggling should be telling me something about my lack of gardening skills, but no doubt I'll continue to persevere with it.

As always I'm skipping the salt to keep this baby and high blood pressure suffering hubby friendly.  I'm using half a bag of carrots and half a bag of onions as I have plans for the other halves.

No browning of the meat with this recipe - lovely jubbly.

Lots of veggies to chop and fry though.

I added an extra couple of tins of tomatoes because they're cheap and tasty.

A good mix and this is good to sit there for the day.

And here's the finished article served with mustard mash.

The pork was deliciously tender.  It made a pleasant meal which was nice and simple to make.  I'll definitely make it again but I don't think it'll become one of our regular meals.  

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