Monday, 12 December 2016

Christmas Wreaths

I love the look of natural Christmas decorations, lots of evergreens accented with bits of ribbon and pine cones.  And best of all they're cheap as chips to make!

First of all I must apologise for the terrible photos, I did this in an evening with really poor lighting.  

A trip to my Dad's house for starters to borrow his clippers and nab a few bags of his evergreens.  A trip to the garden centre for florists wire and some mistletoe.

After getting everything together I started on the outside wrapping a little florists wire round a sprig of conifer.  I kept adding more and more comfier working my way around the inner ring.  

Then for the outer ring, just the same working round wrapping the sprigs of conifer.

Then time for the holly.  I've actually wrapped the wire right around both the inner and outer rings. You can't see it at all.   

And here's my finished wreath done and dusted in an evening.  I think next year I'll get more conifer, this took about half a carrier bag full.  And I'll invest in some stout gloves, my hands are still scratched from the holly!


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