Sunday, 18 September 2016

Cerise Baby's Tshirt with Poppers

Baby needs new T shirt but I don't actually own a straightforward T shirt pattern. 

I have some with overlapping back and front which I'm not a fan of.   I can see the advantage if you need to take a dirty top off downwards but my little one has never had such a bad poo-explosion that I've even been tempted to try it. 

I find the extra bits of fabric fiddly whilst sewing meaning I'm Inclined to stretch them.  Then they just look unsightly and baggy.  

Now that my little titch is leaving babyhood behind I think she looks adorable in "normal" clothes. 

So I've had a do at adapting this vest pattern as it's the only one I have with a shoulder opening and hubby will kill me it I buy yet another sewing pattern!

Pattern: Simplicity 2291
Fabric: an old ladies T shirt
Size: Medium

I cut off the bottom "vest" part of the pattern.  But I think I've cut it too short.  It should really have been level with the top of the leg part of the vest. 

Oh I shortened the sleeves too simply because I didn't have enough fabric for long sleeves.
I've learnt I can get a short sleeved baby T shirt out of a short sleeved ladies T shirt or a long sleeved baby T shirt from a long sleeved ladies.

I found it weird that there are poppers on both shoulders - surely one would be sufficient??

I found it to be crucial to get the neck band seam even!!  This wobbly seam is mostly down to my machine suddenly deciding to change to a zig zag stitch mid way through the seam!!!! 

All in all a nice easy sew despite both my sewing machine and over-locker playing up!!

I'll have another crack at it with a long sleeved T shirt next time.

This would also look cute with a contrasting neck band.  And what about finishing the bottom hem and sleeves in the same way?

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  1. She looks gorgeous in the beautiful top and poppers at both sides are useful
    Carol x