Friday, 13 April 2012

Stash Busting Tips

Hello, my name is Bridie and I have too much stash!

I used to keep paper collections together in a folder, it's so full the edges are splitting.  I used to keep clear stamps in a folder, it's so full it won't lie flat and my precious stamps are getting bent.  I used to keep paper scraps in a display book, it's so full I can't find anything.  And worst of all my stash no longer fits neatly into my tote so I'm back to carting around my wheeled tote, shoulder tote and a stack of bags for life crammed with more goodies.

It's time to take stock, re-organise and most of all bust some stash.

The worst thing about stash busting is that you quickly run out of large sheets of papers in your favourite colours and collections.  So here's a card I came up with to get round the problem.

Instead of covering the whole card with one single sheet of plain paper or card stock as I usually would, I've used two smaller sheets.  The otherwise ugly overlap has been made into a feature with a border punch and a little glitter.  This leaves a little strip on one side just begging for a ribbon and tag greeting.

I also came across the problem of my paper not quite being the right shade for the project.  Instead of reaching for a new sheet in a better colour match I've attacked it.  First with spray inks which looked great but still not quite the right shade of purple.  So I let the ink dry and rubbed it with chalks until the colour looked right.

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