Tuesday, 17 April 2012

ProMarkers and Caron Vinson Rubber Stamps Coming Soon

I've had a very exciting day and I just had to tell you about it.

I've finally taken the decision to invest in ProMarkers and some really edgy stamps to do them justice.  Surprisingly no one's actually asked us to get ProMarkers in stock so it hasn't been a priority.  But I WANT them so I'm guessing I wont be the only one.

We're negotiating with Letraset right now and should have ProMarkers in stock very soon.  Watch this space!

Years ago we did a range of Caron Vinson die cut decoupage sheets which flew off the shelves and we shelves and we were inundated with requests for me which unfortunately we couldn't get at the time.  Whilst hunting for some really unique rubber stamps I came across Sweet Pea Stamps who work with artists to produce a stunning range of rubber stamps.  Including a range by Caron Vinson.  I ordered the lot straight away.  Now for the long wait while they arrive from the States . . .  sigh.

We've also got a selection of their Elizabeth Bell designs on order and some of the Terra Bidlespacher stamps too.

Because these stamps are coming from the states we're not going to be able to offer the full range within a sensible time frame and so they won't be available to order through our website until they actually arrive in stock.  Depending on interest we may offer them as a pre-order type option, I'm just concern about expecting you to wait a couple of months for a stamp!  But if you see anything on the Sweet Pea Stamps website we can now get it for you and will certainly be ordering based on what our customers want so your input will be very much appreciated.

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