Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Up-Cycling with Alcohol Inks

Today I'd like to show you some up-cycled pictures frames I got as part of a job lot from a car boot sale.

It's such a shame to leave scrapbook layouts and other bits and bobs hidden away in a drawer or album.  So I set about framing them to be enjoyed more regularly.

Finding large square frames has been a bit of a nightmare.  I could have them custom made but for the few dozen I'd have liked the cost would have quickly mounted up.  So I turned to car boot sales and jackpot, I came across a huge job lot with lots of large and square frames plus loads of other random ones that will come in handy  . .  one day.  

Only thing is, most of them had a rather vile green chequered pattern inlaid into the beautiful wood.  With a very good quality metallic paint it is possible to cover this outdated pattern and replace it with something far more to my liking.

Martha Stewart has answered this crafter's prayer with their new paint range.  I used two coats of the Metallic Sterling and let it dry while I made dinner.  After enjoying my dinner I used Tim Holtz alcohol inks to quickly and easily create a lovely mottled effect.  I used Purple Twilight with just a few drops applied to a cotton pad which was then dabbed onto my painted surface.

To be honest I was just mucking around trying to turn something ugly into something I could enjoy having in my home.  I was absolutely delighted with the results and figured they warranted sharing.

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