Monday, 28 November 2011

Reverse Peel Off Cards

Like most of us crafters I'm incredibly thrifty. I just can't bear to see anything go to waste! So I thought I'd share this reverse peel off technique with you.

Once you have used a peel off remove the sticker that surrounds the peel off shapes and you'll be left with a "negative" of your design which can be applied to a piece of textured card stock using masking tape. This way you get two peel off designs for the price of one on every peel off you buy.

I find it easier to roughly cut out the design required instead of trying to avoid sticking the masking tape to other stickers on the same sheet. Use low tack masking tape and then make it even less tacky by sticking it onto your clothing and removing it. Stick strips of masking tape over the design and press them down very firmly with a bone folder. Instead of removing the masking tape from the peel off sheet, do it the other way round, peel the sticker sheet away from the masking tape - very gently!

When you've got your design stuck onto the masking tape place it sticky side down onto a piece of textured card stock. Don't try this on smooth card stock as the masking tape will remove the smooth surface. Run your bone folder over the sticker being particularly firm over tiny pieces of the design. Then very carefully pull the masking tape away one strip at a time. When pulling the masking tape away keep your fingers as close to the design as possible so that the masking tape is almost flat against the card stock.

And voila! You have a peel off negative for use in another project.

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