Monday, 15 July 2019

Sour Cream and Chives Dip Recipe

I won't be doing any batch cooking over the summer holidays so I can spend more time with my kiddos before school starts in September.  Instead I'll be sharing some of my party food, salad and kid made recipes.

OK, maybe calling this a recipe is stretching the term just a little bit.  It takes a few minutes to make and taste so much better than the preserved stuff in a jar it doesn't even warrant the same name.  

A bunch of chives fresh from the garden and a tub of sour cream.

I use a pair of scissors to chop my chives, I just find it easier than a knife.

Chop the chives and mix with the sour cream and that's all there is to it.

I usually serve it in this small Tupperware tub, then I can put the lid back on and pop the leftovers in the fridge at the end of the party, no fuss no waste.

Friday, 12 July 2019

Burda 9424 Roar Romper Sewing Project

This is my favourite romper pattern, easy to sew and easy to wear.  This time I'm making it in a fat pair of fat quarters that I just couldn't resist spending far too much money on.  One fat quarter for each pant leg and just barely enough leftover for a little pocket.  I've used a scarp of plain cotton for the bib, straps and facing.

Tools and Materials:

I've substituted the pocket for one with straight edges.  They are sooo much easier to get neat.

I overlock the edges so there aren't any straggly bits on the inside of the pocket.  I dread to think what I'll have to retrieve out of these pockets and the thought of having to detangle goodness knows what from straggly threads makes me shudder.

I'm not sure if the instructions call for it but I've turned the top hem of the pocket to the right side, sewed the side seams and turned it right side in before pressing the side seams.

I've not pressed them to the seam allowance, just an even minimal amount.

I just pin the pocket roughly in place and top stitch it.

The pants are super simple.  Side seam, 

Inside leg

Then turn one inside out and into the other leg so the right sides are together for the crotch seam.

I always find it satisfying turning them right sides out - it feels like such an achievement.

I have completely omitted the underlap and facing for the buttons.  I've made about a dozen of these and not once have I needed to actually undo the buttons on the side so this time I'm saving myself the trouble of making them at all.

Bib front and back onto the pants.

Onto the straps.

One of these days I will remember that it's the slanted end that needs to be left open!!

And another day maybe I'll remember that the straps need to point into the romper back, so they point outwards when turned to the right side.

The inner bibs are sewn onto the front and back bib.

However my lack of underlap is causing issues.  I'd have been much better sewing the bibs together in a loop then stitching them to the pants in one seam, then adding the bib inners.  As it is I've had to make do with pulling the bibs right sides together and doing the best I can to get a neat seam at the sides.

I love how the bib inners hide the back of the bibs, such a nice finish and it's so easy.

The instructions are different here, I think they just have the bib inner hanging loose - erm no thanks.  I press it under then top stitch it in place along the seam between the pants and bibs.

Look at that perfect hem!  My best yet.

There's a little back band on the back of the pants.

One day I'll remember that it's supposed to go on the inside of the pants!!

I like to top stitch around the edges of the bibs.

My button holes are getting better.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Slow Cooker Normandy Chicken Recipe

Rich and creamy, this Normandy chicken is delicious.

Chicken Stock
Plain Flour


Dice the onions

Mince the garlic

Dice the celery

Fry until soft

Add a splash of whiskey and a dollop of flour

Mix until it forms a paste

Add the chicken stock

and two cans of cider.

Add the mix to the slow cooker.

Dice the bacon

Fry until crispy and add to the slow cooker

Dice the chicken, add to the slow cooker.

Stir and cook on low for 6 hours.

Slice the apples and fry.  

At the end of the cooking time add the cream and fried apples.

Served with pasta.